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iLOR offers this unique advertising technology to enhance online advertising campaigns. This technology adds value to online ad campaigns for agencies, advertisers and publishers by increasing click-thru rates, conversion opportunities and brand awareness. It accomplishes all of this while keeping the campaign from being an intrusive and disconcerting distraction.





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Search Engine Indexing

In today’s internet, search engine optimization is a term that is widely thrown around as something very important. But why? It is to help the person looking for a resource to find it quicker and easier and it is also important for businesses, small and big alike, to get in front of the front page of Google so there is more chance of someone clicking on their website.

When you search for something on a search engine like Google, three main processes happen to deliver the search results to you- Crawling, Indexing and Ranking.

  • Crawling is the process by which the search engine discovers new and updated web pages using a complex algorithmic program called by ‘crawler’, ‘bot’ or ‘spider’.
  • Once this crawling process is complete, the search engine compiles a massive index of all the words and locations on and of the webpage. It can be thought of as the database of millions of web pages. This content is further processed using algorithms to determine its importance relative to similar pages on the internet.
  • Ranking is basically giving a webpage a score based on a keyword and different ranking signals that are derived from algorithms.

But for this article, we shall look into Indexing in a little bit more detail.

The search engine index has many parts to it, like design factors and data structures. The design factor is responsible for outlining the architecture and layout of the index.  When the index is being built it must be based on a data structure. Each data structure has different advantages than the other. The common data structures include Tree, Inverted Index, Citation Index, Term document matrix, Suffix Tree and Ngram index.

The other important parts of a search engine index like:

  • Merge factors- Used to decide whether data being entered is new data, or data is being updated. It also decides how this data enters the index.
  • Index size- This refers to how much memory is needed by the server for the index.
  • Storage Techniques- This is used to decide how the information in the index is stored like compression of large files and filtering of smaller files.
  • Fault Tolerance- This refers to the reliability of search engine index.
  • Lookup speed- This refers to how fast a word can be found in a search engine index when searched for.
  • Maintenance- Properly maintained search engines indexes work better than ones that are not.

As previously mentioned, the search engine compiles a massive database of websites. These are stored in servers across the world and take up a lot of space for both sorting and storing. For this reason, companies like Google and Microsoft both have one million servers each. If you are someone running their business on the internet it is imperative to have good SEO done as it directly correlates to people visiting your website.

Everything you need to know about Google

Today, Google, the brainchild of founders Larry (Lawrence E Page) and Sergey Brin, is the biggest, most popular search engine in the world. The founders, who met at Stanford University initially disliked each other, but soon found that working together helped them innovate in a way that was not possible alone and thus, as part of a school project, they created the Google search technology. The name ‘Google’ is derived from the mathematical term Gogol which refers the number 1 followed by a hundred zeros.
The actual domain that is Google first set up office in September 1998 in the garage of Susan Wojcicki who is the current CEO of YouTube. Google was first incorporated as a privately owned company on September 4th 1998 and offered up to the public in August 19, 2004. Today, Brin and Larry own about 16 per cent of the company’s stake and have built Google to become the world’s most used website on the internet.

Apart from just being a search engine Google also provides a wide array of other services like cloud computing, software and advertising technologies etc. For instance, for advertising, they have Google Analytics that allows users to track if and how people use their websites, which in turn will help them advertise it better. Google’s Ad Words helps advertisers to present their advertisements in the Google content network and Google Ad Sense, allow website owners to present these advertisements on their website hence allowing them to earn money every time these ads are clicked on. Google Search, the company’s most popular service, allows users to find answers to anything under the sun, bringing up a large number of targeted results for everything searched. Apart from these, other services include geospatial solutions in the form of Google Earth and Google Maps, Google books, Google apps, Gmail and Google Hyperlink, archival and security solutions in the form of Postini and finally, Chrome books for business and educational purposes. Google is ever evolving, and thus, new functions, services, updates and minor tweaks are added to it every day.
This being a brief on the history and functions of Google, we have now listed out some important facts about Google that everyone needs to know.

1: Google’s founders originally named the company ‘Backrub’ and one can only wonder why.

2 Google handles over one billion search requests every day on its search engine and can analyse
about millions of pages a second.

3: Google’s unofficial slogan is ‘don’t be Evil’.

4: Over 88 languages can be used on Google’s home page

5: Keeping up with their Green initiative, Google rents goats to mow the lawns of their mountain side Head Quarters.

6: Since 2015, Google has been acquiring companies left, right and centre with an average of a company a week. Android, YouTube etc. are famous companies owned by it.

7: Google has more than 70 offices in over 40 cities and has employed more than thousand researchers who work on machine intelligence applications. Many of Google’s initial employees became instant millionaires when the company first went public. Today, Google uses a tool called foo. Bar that allows it to recruit new employees based on what they search for online.

8: Finally, at present Google is the second most valuable company in the world with a market value of around 527, only preceded by Apple that stands first with a market value of 605 billion.


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